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Top Tips for 11+ Creative Writing

With 11+ tests and entrance examinations creeping closer it is important to remember that all aspects of the English papers need careful consideration and practice. Emphasis is often put on the comprehension element within the exams. Of course it’s essential that...

Online English Tuition in the Technology Age

How can online tuition be as effective as face-to-face? Can technology let the student and tutor become well connected? Won’t the student be less focused? Won’t the lesson be less formal? These are all issues that can concern a parent or adult learner who is...

Homeschooling – Planning for the New Term

There is a great deal to think about at the start of the school term for every student. Panic can set in. Is the work going to be a lot harder than last year? Am I going to keep up with the workload? What books am I going to be using for my studies? Am I going to...

Understanding Poetry

Reading and studying poems doesn’t have to be confusing, difficult or make you feel uncomfortable. You are probably just less familiar with poetry than with other forms of writing, such as fiction. You are likely to find poetry less challenging if you try to remember...

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Ruth Mitchell (MA, BA Hons) is an experienced tutor offering online tuition in English Language, Literature and Creative Writing. She has supported students from primary school age through to postgraduate level, home-schoolers, adult learners who require academic...

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