There is a great deal to think about at the start of the school term for every student. Panic can set in. Is the work going to be a lot harder than last year? Am I going to keep up with the workload? What books am I going to be using for my studies? Am I going to enjoy them? And for home learners there can be even more!

Home learning is continuing to rise in popularity in the UK and can be a complex decision for both students and parents to make. And once it’s been made, the pondering doesn’t stop there. There are many important factors to be considered to ensure that homeschooling is successful, enjoyable and kept on track. With no teachers to organise timetables, supply resources and select paths of study, home learners can find all the decisions that need to be made quite daunting.

So, how can home school tutoring help? An experienced tutor can ease many of these initial concerns. By engaging with the student on a regular one-to-one basis, they can provide subject expertise as they will know the in’s and out’s of exam boards and can give advice on all their technicalities. They can provide motivation and reassurance and give guidance on the creation of clear and efficient timetables and study plans, as well as suggest plenty of extra reading and useful homeschooling resources.

Furthermore tutors can really help to keep the momentum going as the academic term progresses, and provide a calming influence for the hardworking, sometimes anxious, homeschooler. Either in person or by providing homeschool tutoring online, tutors offer feedback on progress during all stages of the learning process, giving students, and parents, real peace of mind. If your interested in online or face-to-face homeschool tutoring in English Language or English Literature please contact me at