Improve your English Grades Terms and Conditions

The fee for course enrolment is £25.  The fee covers use by one student only and is not transferable to other students. This fee gives you access to all the available video lessons as described above for 12 months. Access and login credentials (user name and password) are provided by verified email and the supplied after successful payment of the fee. Once you have gained access, you can work your way through the lessons. If you have questions you can email us about the course material. Details about the lessons and how to get touch will be provided.

Please note this is an online course of video lessons not personal tuition. You are not purchasing the personal services of an online tutor.  If you wish to find more about professional personal tuition, please go back to the home page. We cannot guarantee you will improve your grades or exam results just by purchasing this course! It gives guidance on you how to improve your short story writing but you need to put in the effort and practice. The course covers story Composition only (not magazine articles, letters, descriptions or other types of writing you may find in exam question. In this course our tutor has used language, terminology and methods most often used in the school curriculum to prepare students for exams. This may vary from school to school.

If you are not happy with the course you may have a refund up to 14 days after purchase.

Payments are handled by Stripe and your credit card details are protected, your personal information will not be shared with any other third party. Stripe can process payments from Visa, Access and American Express but not PayPal. We also don’t support ApplePay. If you live outside of the UK and would like to pay by another method please get in touch via

Improve your English Grades is a brand of Mitchell Worldwide Limited a UK Registered company. All course content is the copyright of Mitchell Worldwide Limited.