How can online tuition be as effective as face-to-face? Can technology let the student and tutor become well connected? Won’t the student be less focused? Won’t the lesson be less formal? These are all issues that can concern a parent or adult learner who is considering online tuition. The growth in online tutoring suggests a lot of students are effectively using technology to their advantage and it now comes as second nature in this online age.

As an experienced online English tutor with an excellent online success rate, I can personally vouch for the effectiveness of this flexible and time saving method of mentoring. The tutor-student relationship in most cases is equally effective and valuable than more traditional methods and a lot of people like the convenience of taking classes in their own home, without travelling and without having to prepare for a visitor. I often find that my younger, primary school student’s in particular, find online lessons an exciting and stimulating venture.

The start of tutoring process can be much quicker, almost instant, with online tuition. I don’t have to find to a slot in my schedule that can accommodate both lesson time and travel time, instead I can get to work straight away; assessing requirements, selecting resources and tackling the student’s issues immediately. All that is needed is a computer/tablet, a reliable broadband connection, access to an email account and Skype.

A surprising and positive side effect, in particular with GCSE online tuition in Year 10 and Year 11, is that students take more responsibility in the ownership of their lessons. They need to ask themselves: Have I sent my homework to the tutor? Have I read the resources in time for this weeks lesson? Were there any website articles that I can show my tutor that will benefit my studies?

If you are an overseas student seeking out native English speaking tutors, online tuition is perfect and allows a much broader choice of skills than local tutors may be able to offer. You will benefit from an English speaker living in their own country and you gain too from exposure to the English culture and knowledge of the English exam boards.

I can confidently say that my students find online tutoring efficient, easy and rewarding in many ways they may not have expected – and so do I!